Just because Apple decided to boot Google Maps off iOS 6 isn’t enough to slow Google down from working on their own iOS map app.

Since Apple’s debacle with their native map apps, of which was bad enough to get Apple CEO Tim Cook to issue a letter of apology, was so bad, Google has been reportedly working toward the release of their very own map app.

Below you can see some of the partial screenshots that are supposed to be those of the new Google maps app for iOS.

Google iOS

The new Google maps app for iOS will possibly be available in the app store by Christmas and is rumored to feature:

  • vector based technology
  • two finger rotation at any angle
  • fast and resolute (no more blurring while waiting for new zoom level)
  • support of iPhone 5’s taller screen

Will iOS users come running back to Google maps?

The biggest question is whether or not iOS users are going to come rushing back to Google maps after the new map is released.  Sometimes, people just get used to a particular app on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  And even though Google does release a new Google map app for iOS, it doesn’t guarantee people will come running back.

However, I’m of the opinion this will not be the case with Google’s map app.  People have already bought in to the Google brand.  And up to this point, Google maps has been the primary map app running on the iPhone and iPad.  You can go back five years to the very first iPhone, and two years to the very first iPad, and you’ll find Google maps taking the dominant position on these Apple devices.

So even though people are going to have to make a concerted effort to go the app store and download the new Google map app for iOS, I think it’s a decision that people are going to willingly make.

After all, for the same reason I gave before as to why someone might not download the Google map app, because Google has been the standard map app on iOS devices since 2007, I believe everyone will migrate to the app store and go ahead and download it.

Apple’s Map App endeavors

But don’t be misled by Google’s new map for iOS, because Apple has no intentions of slowing down the progress of improving their own new iOS map app.  With the heavy integration of Apple’s location services on the new iOS 6, you better believe there’s a lot at stake for Apple to get their maps app right.

First of all their’s Apple iAd platform.  Apple sees a huge opportunity to provide an advertising platform on the iPhone and iPad.  This advertising platform, through iOS 6, is directly integrate with Apple’s map app.

The map app is also designed to promote apps based on your specific location and intent.  Developers are now able to take advantage of Apple’s map engine to design cartography and vector-based interactivity.  This means, as people are using Apple’s map app to navigate around on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, users will be able to discover apps based on their location – suggested apps will pop up around your location through Apple map’s vector technology.

Bringing this back to Google, however, and you now have a massive inventory of advertising data available to be presented through Google’s vector initiatives.

And now that I’m thinking about it, I can’t imagine Facebook isn’t looking at a vector based map platform for the Facebook app.  Or perhaps Facebook will release its own vector based map app.