In case you were looking for an alternative to your $499 iPad that you baby can play, you’ll be happy to know that the good folks from Fuhu have launched an Android tablet for babies called The Nabi Jr.  This is the predecessor to the first Nabi tablet which has received some pretty strong reviews from parents and grandparents alike, racking up a 3.5 star rating on Amazon.

Nabi Jr. Android Tablet for KidsThe Nabi Jr. is a 5 inch slate powered by Google’s Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich to be exact), making this the perfect Android tablet for any baby.  And priced at only $100 for the 4GB model (or $130 for the 16GB), your infants will be tablet enhanced in no time.  And oh yeah… did I mention this might be a good alternative to your $499 iPad?  What’s also pretty cool about the Nabi tablet for kids is that it comes pre-loaded with educational app, games, and videos.