The Top 5 Best Apps for iPads: Games Apps

Despite your iPad being great for getting work done, or checking out the latest headlines, some of our favorite apps are just for playing mindless games, and wasting some time.  Here’s our top five best games apps.

Best Games Apps - Hundreds1)      Hundreds

The app: a simple game in concept, but requires you to be able to think fast.  You have to click the numbers on your screen which adds up to the bigger number in the middle.  That obviously makes it sound really easy, but when you’re under the pressure of time, simple maths skills start to fly out of the window!  If you like game apps that require you to think, have quick reactions and cause you to get very annoyed when you accidentally repeatedly click the wrong number, Hundreds is for you.

The price: $4.99

Best Games Apps - The Room2)      The Room

The app: beautifully designed graphics make this puzzle game really special.  You have to solve your way inside a box, then there’s another box inside that, and so on.  It’s pretty slow paced, in a relaxing way, and if you’re the sort of person who loves puzzles, you’ll really enjoy trying to figure out how to crack each level.  It only has a few levels, so it’s over too quickly, but a sequel is due to be released soon.

The price: $0.99

Best Games Apps - Frotz3)      Frotz

The app: a cool game, for those of you who liked the interactive fiction Z-Machine games of the 80s.  It’s just basically a plain-text adventure (the app warns: “If you just want to blow stuff up, this is not the app for you!”) but it offers some really great story experiences.  The stories throw all sorts of scenarios at you, and you have to type your responses, which directly influences the way the game plays out.  It’s super geeky, but totally great fun.

The price: completely free!

Best Games Apps - TinkerBox HD4)      TinderBox HD

The app: a physics-based game that requires you to calculate how to get a ball through each level.  It’s not just luck though – it helps develop real-life engineering skills.  It’s all about timing and physics, but it’s a lot more fun than it sounds, and it can get really addictive.  You can download fan-made levels and machines from the website, and try your hand at inventing your own!

The price: free to download!

Best Games Apps - Paper Toss World Tour5)      Paper Toss: World Tour HD

The app: after a list of games that require you to use your mind, here’s something where you don’t have to think too hard.  Everyone’s been on the original Paper Toss game, apps like it or just played the game in real life.  Essentially, it’s just throwing a ball of paper into a trash can, but with the new outdoor levels, different world locations, and improved effects, you can get lost in this game.

The price: free, but there’s quite a few ads.  If you want to remove these, it’ll cost you just $0.99.

Don’t forget to tune in next time, when we’ll be reviewing the best apps created by brands!

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