The Top 5 Best Apps for iPads – Kids

More and more parents are letting their children use their tablets.  Kids love playing on game apps, and exploring how to use your devices.  They’re a great way to entertain little ones, and you can even get special tablets for kids.  But if you’re letting your kids use your beloved iPad, make sure you keep it protected in a special case – they will drop it!  Here are some of the best and most educational apps for kids:

Top iPad Apps for Kids - Endless Alphabet1)      Endless Alphabet

The app: A great app for the younger children, helps to make learning ABCs fun and easy!  There’s a different word to master for every letter, each with its own puzzle game.  The friendly talking letter characters on each game means that your kids will love this app, without it feeling like work!

The price: $2.99

Top iPad Apps for Kids - Mystery Math Town2)      Mystery Math Town

The app: For kids aged five and up, and who like a bit more of a challenge from their apps.  Mystery Math Town sends children on a mission to rescue some hidden fireflies – through the power of math!  Kids have to learn how to build simple equations, rather than just picking an answer to math problems.  This means that your little ones will actually develop an understanding of how the math works, developing their number skills!

The price: $2.99
Top iPad Apps for Kids - Kids' Vocab3)      Kids’ Vocab

The app: Great for kids from grade two and up, this app will help with reading and writing skills.  Your child will learn a vast array of words and their definitions, so they’ll be able to use them in conversation.  With 25 fun-packed lessons for elementary & middle school students, and absolutely no boring tests, this will make your kids enjoy learning!

The price: free for the first lesson, but then you’ll have to pay to upgrade.
Top iPad Apps for Kids - Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 1234)      Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123

The app: A super-fun jigsaw app, for younger kids.  Your children will love solving the jigsaw puzzles of wild animals, and it also helps them to learn the names of exciting creatures!  One cool thing about this app is that it’s also available in 14 foreign languages, so it’s perfect for developing vocab in French, German and Spanish.

The price: $2.99, but you can also download the free app version.
Top iPad Apps for Kids - Me Books5)      Me Books

The app: a brilliant way to get your kids into reading.  There’s over 100 classic books to choose from, all read to you by celebrities!  You can even record your own versions of stories, making the bedtime experience fun for kids!

The price: free to download, but you have to buy each book as an in-app purchase.

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