Flipboard App Adds Collaborative Magazines

Flipboard app

Flipboard compiles a personalised magazine based on your social media and RSS feeds.

The Flipboard app has been rejuvenated again with some new features for avid readers.

Flipboard is an incredibly popular app for tablet PCs: it compiles an ever-changing personalised magazine based on your social media and RSS feeds. On a basic level, it’s a fancy way to consume content from a range of sources using a beautiful, intuitive interface. It’s also really easy to post your favourite finds on Facebook or Twitter right from the app.

Over the last few months, Flipboard has started to evolve beyond a reading app and into a more social experience. Users can now pick and choose content from their feeds to create virtual magazines for public sharing or private archiving. Then, users can build a profile page showcasing their best work, or notify people of their latest compilations via social networks or text messages.

Now, the team behind the app has added Co-Curation, a brand new feature that makes Flipboard truly collaborative. With a few taps, one Flipboard user can invite multiple friends (or ‘Contributors’) through the Flipboard network. These contacts then have permissions to suggest articles for collaborative Flipboard magazines, either through the app or by using a bookmarklet in a desktop browser.

If you want to see how this feature works, Flipboard has created its own YouTube video showing Co-Curated Magazines in action.

Flipboard is clearly aiming to escape its roots as a reader and include more social features. Its new social compilation makes it a real contender to Pinterest, yet Flipboard has the advantage of being more diverse. Besides collecting, labelling and filing content, Flipboard is designed to introduce you to new streams, and it also promotes the things you love to a new audience.

Not using Flipboard yet? Join the 50 million people that have already downloaded the app. It’s free for both Android and iOS devices.

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