Casemaker Gambles On iPad 5 Being Announced At WWDC

Gumdrop iPad 5 Cases

Gumdrop’s range of case for iPad 5

Here’s something that’s come completely out of the blue – a tablet casemaker is so convinced that Apple will launch its iPad 5 at next week’s WWDC that they’ve already started promoting their case range for the device.

Pretty much everyone has already written off WWDC as just a launch for Apple’s new OS X and other software, as CEO Tim Cook had confirmed that no hardware would come till autumn.  However, Gumdrop Cases seem to disagree, as they’ve already made a range of iPad 5 cases, available to view on their website.  The cases aren’t available to buy yet, of course, or even pre-order, but Gumdrop are no doubt poised, with their fingers on the button, ready to set them live if the iPad 5 is released.

Whilst at first glance it just seems like a rogue company making a crazy prediction, it is important to note that Gumdrop Cases have predicted four out of the last five Apple device launches correctly.  They even managed to make iPad mini cases before the tablet was even announced, and when it shipped, the case fit perfectly.

Gumdrop Cases have made 15,000 of their iPad 5 cases, so they must be pretty convinced that the launch will take place next week.  Perhaps they know something that the rest of us don’t?

Or maybe it’s something else.  The whole of the internet is abuzz with Gumdrop’s name, so it’s possible that this is just a big, costly marketing campaign.  If that’s the case (no pun intended), then it’s definitely successful, everyone’s talking about the casemakers.

On the whole, it seems pretty unlikely that Apple are going to spring a new tablet on us with no warning.  However, watch this space.  On the off-chance that they do, Gumdrop Cases are sure to reap massive rewards.

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