New iPad 5 Will Be ‘25 to 33 Per Cent Lighter’

The rumour mill continues to turn, as Apple is thought to have made a massive improvement to the shape and weight of the iPad 5.

iPad 5 from MacRumours

The new iPad is rumoured to be thinner and lighter.

The next version, known unofficially as the iPad 5, will be “25 to 33 per cent lighter” than the iPad 4, according to a source involved in manufacturing the device. That’s good news, because since the iPad 2 came out, each new version has been slightly heavier than the one before it. If Digitimes’ report is based on fact, the new iPad 5 could weigh as little as 500 grams.

Apple is thought to have revised the design for the display, doing away with one of the LED bars and trimming down the thickness of the glass by a tiny amount – just half a millimetre. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an industry analyst, the new device will be 7.5 to 8 mm thick. The current iPad is almost 9.5 mm thick, so that’s going to be a very noticeable improvement.

Leaked photographs have already showed the iPad 5 as having a significantly slimmer case that’s flatter and narrower, making the larger version of Apple’s tablet look like a giant iPad mini. Inside the iPad 5, we’re expecting to see a faster A7X processor made by Samsung, and touchscreen panels made by LG, Samsung and Sharp.

Apple could have finally figured out how to have a Retina display in a lightweight tablet, and that’s promising news for people who have been waiting for a Retina iPad mini. There’s no word on that yet, and some bloggers feel that Apple will release a small upgrade first, before moving on to adding that Retina display.

Digitimes said that the iPad 5 is due for release in September this year, with Apple packing up two to three million devices for launch. Yet again, it seems the new iPad will be one of the most eagerly anticipated devices in the annual release schedules.

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