Mozilla Announces FireFox OS During MWC 2013 Gets Plenty Of Supporters


Image of FireFox Web browser For Android Taken by Josh Uhlemeyer of Josh Uhlemeyer Nexus 7

Image of FireFox Web browser For Android Taken by Josh Uhlemeyer of his Nexus 7

Mozilla a company mostly known for their FireFox web browser, and Thunderbird e-mail client. The company has officially announced their entrance into the mobile operating system space with FireFox OS.


The FireFox OS is based on open web based technology, and applications are created using HTML5. Since the applications are made using HTML 5 it should be easy for developers to port applications to FireFox OS, and for independent applications developers to create new apps for FireFox OS. According the the press release Mozilla is gaining a lot of support for the new mobile operating system some of these manufactures, and service providers are ZTE,LG, Sprint and Deutsche Telekom just to name a few.
ZTE has already announced a smartphone called the ZTE Open which, will launch in Spain on Telefonica in mid-2013. The ZTE Open will have a 3.5-inch touch-screen,256MB of RAM, 512MB of ROM, 32.MP camera, support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Huawei is expected to create a FireFox OS based phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor sometime this year.

While their has not been any announcements from U.S. cellphone manufactures to create phone with the mobile operating system. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing FireFox based mobile phones being launched in the U.S. since it already has gained so much support. Who knows with the applications being made in HTML5 the mobile operating system could manage to sit right next to Android and iOS. So, what do you think of Mozilla’s FireFox OS? Check out the video demoing the operating system, and feel free to comment.

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