Tablet Usage for January, iPad Domination Put In Perspective (CHART)

We hear a lot about the increasing market share penetration of Android tablets such as the Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab, and Google’s own Nexus 7.  And to be sure, within the Android tablet base, Amazon’s Kindle Fire is taking the majority of the share.  But sometimes we just need to get some perspective on the overall tablet market, and see graphically how all of the tablets measure up one to another.  A lot of analysts, in the past, have tried to temper down graphs that put the iPad exponentially ahead of all other tablets.  They do this by showing graphs that compare other tablets by batches of 1000 iPads.  And amazingly, the iPad still comes out ahead of the competition.  But the graph below is pure and objective.  It allows you to see just how dominant the iPad is in the tablet space, and how far behind in market share the other tablets truly are.

Here’s the graph of January’s tablet usage from Chitika:

ipad graph junuary

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