Enterprise & Business Intelligence To Fuel Tablet Growth Into The Future

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In 2012, tablet computer shipments reached 32.4 million units.  That number is expected to climb to 71.6 million units by 2018.  Apple’s iOS based tablets (iPad, iPad Mini) dominated – no wait – created the tablet market back in 2010.  But by 2017, it’s expected that Android based tablet shipments will surpass iOS tablets.  The majority of this growth is expected to come from the adoption of the tablet computer from enterprise based users.  As the business world becomes more mobile, enterprise clients are increasing going to be looking for apps that deliver business intelligence and BI dashboard data in real time.  And the adoption is expected to reach beyond just individual use in the business environment.  For example, retailers such as Guess are rumored to be looking at bringing tablets into their retail location in order to give customers real time data on what items are popular in their store.  Think of this as the Amazon’s “people who bought these, also bought these…” concept, but for the physical retail location.  Tablet growth in the enterprise is expected to surge over 18% by 2018.

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