Facebook Is Doomed! Guess What Teens Are Really Doing On Their Phones

facebook is boring

Yesterday, we were having lunch with a group of people were there also happened to be a few pre-teen and teens sitting with us.  We always tell our kids they can play on their phones until the meal arrives, but then all phones away while we eat.  Anyway, while we were hanging out talking, I decided it was great opportunity to take a survey on what apps these kids like the most, and what the spend most of their time doing on their smartphones and tablets.

After all, I cover the app market here on Tablet Crunch, and what better way to survey teens than go straight to the source?

My first question was this:

So, do you all spend most of your time on Facebook?

Their response:

No… why would we do that?

I was a bit taken back at that response to be completely honest with you.  So I inquired further…

Why don’t you all use Facebook?

Their response:

Because it’s boring, and it’s for old people…

Wow!  Definitely not the response I was expecting.  But now that I had the inside information of what real life pre-teens and teens actually think about Facebook, I couldn’t help but inquire further as to what they spend all their time doing on their phones.

So I asked:  If Facebook is boring and for old folks, what do you all do mostly on your phones?

Their response:

Instagram… duh!

Another WOW moment for me.  And they proceeded to tell me that Instagram is really the one app that everyone is on and uses constantly.  Pre-teens, both boys and girls, consume massive amounts of pics, likes, and follows on Instagram.

The next question I asked, myself this time, was… so where does this leave Facebook in the future?

What do you think?

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