Facebook Beats Out Google Maps As The #1 Mobile App in The U.S.


According to the latest ComScore figures, Facebook (FB) has completely blown by Google Maps as the new #1 app on mobile devices here in the U.S.  There’s a lot that can be debated as to why one mobile app has surpassed another such as Apple booting Google Maps and adopting Facebook integration into iOS.  Another question could be, why hasn’t it taken Facebook so long to reach this pinnacle?  After all, can you think of any of your friends who does not have the Facebook app on their phone or tablet?  Me neither…  And with Facebook now having to answer to investors on Wall Street, the push for even more robust mobile features is sure to be coming.


Aside from Facebook being the #1 downloaded app in the U.S., you still can’t ignore the presence of Google apps in the top of the list.  Google apps represent the next five positions (ranked 2 – 6) with their own native apps.  Stepping back a bit and looking at this from a company perspective, those are pretty impressive figures.  And with the popularity of the new Google Maps app, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine a Google app coming back to the #1 spot.

But then you have the statistic that could be the killer of all other statistics – time spent on apps.  Looking at the stats that track how much time people actually spend on mobile apps and its clear that Facebook rules the day.  Also interesting is that Instagram is ranked in the #2 spot for time spent on a mobile apps.  And Instagram is a Facebook owned company.  This means, based on how much time people spend on mobile apps, and Facebook absolutely dominates people’s attention on their mobile device.  All of which should bode well for Facebook, and Facebook investors, as they move into the future of integrating mobile advertising into the app.  Perhaps they will figure out a way to monetize the traffic on Instagram as well.


What do you think about these mobile app statistics?

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