How To Download Free Apps on Your iPad (or iPhone) from iTunes Without Entering Your Credit Card

download-apps-app-storeIt’s not often, but occasionally you’ll find a disgruntled app store user who’s complaining about having to enter their credit card information just download a free app.  Whenever an app store user creates an new Apple ID and app store account, of course Apple is going to prefer you enter your credit card information.  How else will Apple (AAPL) make money from you, and how else are you going to be enticed to download that $.99 cent app?

But what most people who are downloading free apps for the iPhone and iPad don’t realize is that you can actually download free apps without ever having to enter your credit card information.  Unfortunately, it’s going to require you to create a new user account (new Apple ID), and go through the process of verification (verify via email).  But for those who are obsessed about getting free apps on their iPad and iPhone without having to enter credit card information, this might be a great option for you.

Here’s how to download free iPad apps (and iPhone apps) without having to enter and use your credit card information:

1.  First, you have to sign out of the current Apple ID that’s signed in to your iPad.  (tap on Settings > iTunes & App Store > view the currently signed in Apple ID at the top of the screen)

2. Next, open iTunes > go to the app store > find the free app you want to install

3. Tap to install the app

4. You’ll now need to create a new Apple ID

5. Confirm country

6. Agree with the “Terms and Conditions”

7. Create your NEW Apple ID – remember not to use your old one, this is the whole point of creating a new one

8. You’ll need to create a secret answer to your account

9. *** Select NONE for payment method (important step here)

10. Continue filling in your billing address

11. Finally, submit the application for your new Apple ID (an email verification will be sent to the email address you used)

12.  Check your email > find the new verification email from Apple > click the link to verify your new account

Once you’ve clicked and verified your new Apple ID, you are now ready to commence downloading your free iPad, and free iPhone, apps!

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