3 Best iPad Apps For Business Meetings & Presentations Under $10

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The enterprise world is starting to embrace the iPad on a grand scale.  Recently, the global financial services firm Barclays (BCS) ordered up 8,500 iPads for their staff, financial advisers, and sales team.  And guess what the number one reason was for making this investment?  Because it’s what the Barclays employees said they wanted.  Obviously, this was a huge PR hit against other tablet competitors, especially Microsoft (MSFT) and their Surface tablet, because of the reputation Microsoft has (or had) in the enterprise sector.

With the iPad taking a more prominent position in the board room, during sales presentations, and during business meetings, wouldn’t it be nice to know what some of the best apps are for these business situations?  And what the best apps are without breaking the bank?

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I’ve done a little bit of digging for you here and came up with 3 of the top iPad apps for business meetings and sales presentations.  These iPad apps are, as I mentioned, all under $10 and have been designed specifically for the business and sale presentation environment.  Two of the iPad apps will help you directly in your sales presentation, and the other will help you during your business meetings.

#1:  Keynote for iPad

Straight from Apple (AAPL), arguably the most ‘business centric’ company on the planet, comes Keynote for iPad ($9.99 on iTunes).  You can read all about the amazing features of Keynote here, but one thing I want to highlight is its ability to broadcast on external displays.  This means you can have Keynote for iPad open on your podium in front of you while broadcasting your presentation on an external monitor or screen(s) that your audience is viewing.  Keynote for iPad is one of the best apps for business presentation and Power Point slide creations.

#2:  Power Presenter for iPad

Power Presenter for iPad ($1.99 in iTunes)is another great iPad app for presentations.  Like Keynote, it can broadcast out to external displays, allowing the presenter to come back to their iPad for presentation management.  One of the unique features with Power Presenter for iPad is the blackboard and web content elements.  With Blackboard, you’ll be able to write content such as formulas, definitions, grammar notation, etc… and present your renderings on an external monitor.  This is a great tool in an educational environment and in proactive business meetings and presentations.  Finally, when you have completed your presentation, the file can be emailed easily.

#3:  Penultimate for iPad

Finally, we get to change roles from the presenter to the audience member with Penultimate for iPad ($0.99 in iTunes).  I love Penultimate because you’ll be able to use your iPad as a note pad and your finger as the pen.  Writing with your finger will take some getting used to, but you can always forgo your finger and use a high quality Stylus pen for your iPad instead.

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But the cool thing about Penultimate is that once you are finished with your notes, drawings, and brain storming, etc… you simply save the file and email to yourself or bring it straight up to something like Dropbox – easy.  This is a great tool for anyone wanting to take notes on their iPad in a business presentation, school, or even church.

So these are three great iPad apps for business presentations and meetings that are all under $10.

What are some other iPad apps you like, or have come to prefer, for business meetings or presentations?

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