Why Instagram + Adsense = Fail

instagram adsenseFor those of you who were planning on using Instagram as a tool for promoting and building traffic to your blog AND leveraging it as a way to build impressions to your Adsense ads, then you might want to think again.  I discovered recently, after I started sharing images from articles here at Tablet Crunch, that whenever I clicked through link on my profile, none of the Adsense ads would appear in the browser.  You see, whenever you click a link on Instagram, the site loads within an iFrame on the Instagram app.  That way, Instagram keeps you on their app.  This is a really great idea and I applaud them for their creativeness.  But within that frame, it appears that javascript – or least Adsense ads, are stripped out and will not render.

One way I’ve been experimenting with this is by replacing Adsense ads with my own “self generated” ads.  For example, the 728×90 ad at the very top and the 300×250 ad at the top right are both simply images that link to an external page within Amazon.  And on Amazon, since I’m an “Amazon Associate”, I’m in essence running ads that generate revenue for Tablet Crunch.  And since these are technically only images that link to an external site (via an affiliate link), I get the benefit of having the ads render in Instagram.

So have you noticed Adsense not rendering in Instagram?

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