Delta’s New “Fly Delta for iPad” App Is A Great Example Of How Companies Are Investing In Digital Content

Things are starting to look up at airports these days!  The FCC just announced plans to expand Gigabit WiFi connectivity at airports which will bring substantially increased WiFi speeds, and now Delta releases a new iPad app.

fly delta ipad app

What better way to leverage a mobile device like an iPad than for an airline to release their own app?  It’s not a new idea, I realize, but with the latest iPad app from Delta, it shows that the companies are becoming more open to the idea of investing money in digital content to connect with their customers, and provide a platform that allows customers to take care of administrative tasks before they even arrive at the airport.

Detla’s new iPad app, which has been receiving great reviews so far with a 4 star overall rating out of 66 reviews, covers all the basics for travelers, but also offers some pretty cool bells and whistles.  On the Delta iPad app, you’ll be able to easily manage your profile and SkyMiles account, check in to your flight up to 24 hours in advance of take off, pay for your checked bags, and receive your eBoarding pass.  The app will also give you real time terminal and gate information and the latest flight status.

Even though these are basic pieces of information for any traveler, it’s important not only are you able to access the information, but you can complete  alot of these tasks right from your iPad.  And if you’ve been to an airport lately, you’ll notice immediately that everyone walking around is staring straight into their iPhone or other smartphone, and people sitting in the lounge or terminal are staring at their tablets.

Airlines seem especially well positioned to take advantage of mobile apps.  The more services you can push to the customer’s mobile device, and the more tasks a customer can complete from their iPhone or iPad before arriving at the airport, the more efficient the entire flying experience can become.  Having customers take care of the administrative tasks involved with flying before they even arrive at the airport is a great idea.  And the airlines that does the best job with their mobile apps, could quite possibly find themselves at competitive advantage – which is everything in the airline industry.

According to Glen Hauenstein, Delta’s executive VP of Network Planning, Revenue Management and Marketing, “our goal is to simplify the digital experience across the touch points where our customers already spend their time by making their interactions with Delta easy and intuitive.”

The app is part of Delta’s recent $140 million investment made in 2012 which also included a new website and updates to other customer touch point technology.

via Delta, TNW

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