How To Fix iPhone & iPad WiFi Problems And Speed Up Your WiFi Internet With OpenDNS

wifi connection problems iphone ipadAnyone who’s a regular here at Tablet Crunch knows that I write a lot about fixing your iPhone, iPad, and Android tablet WiFi issues.  One gander at the iOS 6 WiFi problem tag and you can spend the next month reading and watching videos on trouble shooting tips.

Today, however, I want to give you a totally different approach to fixing your WiFi problems on your new shiny iPhone 5 or iPad Mini, and even on your older iPhone 4s (which I own), 3GS (which my kids have), or any older model iPad.

Up to this point, I’ve focused mostly on things you can do to your iPhone or iPad to fix WiFi issues such as resetting your network settings, renewing the IP address lease on your iPad, even doing a hard reboot on your wireless router.

Updating DNS nameservers with OpenDNS

But today I want to show you something you can do that’s relatively easy to accomplish, but could quite possibly be the fix you need to finally stop intermittent WiFi connectivity problems or keeping your iPhone or iPad from continuously dropping WiFi signals.

What I’m about to show you is how to update your DNS nameservers on both your wireless router and your computer in order to establish a more secure internet connection.

This fix is also applicable no matter where you are having WiFi connection problems – whether at home, work, large organizations, etc… updating the DNS nameservers at the root level (the originating source) of your internet connection can dramatically improve the stability and speed of your internet connection.

There’s an organization called OpenDNS that provides DNS IP addresses for free, allowing you to connect to their premium global network of servers.  With server nodes located throughout the world, OpenDNS leverages your geographic location and basically delivers the internet to your computer and devices from the node nearest to your location.

Most other ISP providers, like your local ISP or internet provider, saves money by sending internet traffic to all of their customers from the same server.  This creates a substantial load on the ISP provider’s servers which ultimately results in poor internet connectivity in your home, business, and on your mobile devices.  Because if the internet piping into your home or business isn’t fast and efficient, then your wireless internet, and the devices that are connected to them, are going to struggle.

The Benefit to OpenDNS and the impact on your WiFi connection

If you are having internet connectivity problems on your iPhone or iPad, changing to OpenDNS might just fix your issues.  Again, it doesn’t matter if we are talking about your home or office internet connection.  OpenDNS changes the DNS nameservers at the source of your internet service, allowing your computers, wireless routers, and mobile devices to tap into a more stable, secure, and faster internet experience.

To put it simply, when your change your DNS settings to use OpenDNS, you are dramatically improving the way your computers, wireless routers, mobile devices, and your entire network connects to the internet, email, and web applications.

How to change over to OpenDNS

With so many different possible scenarios as to what you may be changing, I’ve provided a link to OpenDNS where you’ll receive step by step instructions on how to change DNS preferences over to OpenDNS.  First thing you’ll do is select whether you are wanting to update a device such as a laptop, or your wireless router, or perhaps even an entire network.

Click the link here to get started.

Ultimately, you’ll be changing your DNS primary and secondary nameservers on your main internet modem to:


After following the steps to change your DNS preferences, let me know in the comments below if this fixed your WiFi connection problems on your iPhone or iPad.

Or if you are having difficulties, post your questions in the comments as well.

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