(NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad Mini Demand Expected to Drive Apple Higher

nasdaq aapl apple stock priceWith demand for iPad Mini far exceeding expectations, could the new smaller form factor iPad be the fuel that drives Apple’s stock price higher in the future?  

There’s nothing like a company with a product that has more demand than supply to drive a stock higher.  And it looks like Apple could be closing out 2012 with an explosive fourth quarter.  The majority of the growth, ironically enough, is expected to come from an unlikely hero – the iPad Mini.  Wasn’t it Steve Jobs who said the 7 inch tablet market was DOA (dead on arrival)?  Well now it looks like Apple could be selling somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 million – 12 million units, just in Q4 alone.  The demand for the iPad Mini is outpacing the supply chain’s ability to keep up with production and already Apple could be looking for additional suppliers to pick up the slack.  Could it be that Apple’s stock price (NASDAQ:AAPL), at least in the near future, is driven by the iPad Mini?

via Apple Insider

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