iPad (or iPad Mini) Not Connecting to WiFi? Try This Fix…

ipad wifi problemsWith Christmas just one day behind us, and assuming that people received more iPads as Christmas gifts than any other tablet, by this point you may find yourself having problems connecting your iPad to WiFi.  This can especially be true if your iPad is an older generation tablet such as the iPad 3, iPad 2, etc…  The fix below is not all inclusive, meaning you may have other issues going on with your iPad which means you require a different fix.  If the solution below does not get your iPad connected to WiFi, then let me know in the comments and I’ll be able to help you on a case by case basis.

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Here’s how to get your iPad connected to WiFi if you are you having trouble and it’s not connecting automatically like it should:

#1:  Tap Settings

The settings icon should be on the homepage of your iPad and it’s the silver square with gears in it.  And oh yeah, it also says “Settings”.

#2:  Tap General

The “General” option should be about a quarter of the way down your screen on the left hand side of your iPad.  Again, the “General” option has an icon that looks just like the “Settings” icon on the homepage of your iPad – it’s a silver app with gears in it.

#3:  Tap “Reset”

After you hit the “General” menu option, scroll (you may or may not have to scroll) down to where you see the menu option “Reset”.  Go ahead and tap “Reset”.

#4:  Reset Network Settings

After tapping on the “Reset” menu option, you’ll now see a list of different settings that you can reset – you want to tap on “Reset Network Settings”.  Please don’t tap on the other options as this could open your iPad up to other issues outside the scope of this article.

So go ahead and select “Reset Network Settings”.  Once you tap on that, you’ll be given the option to confirm “Reset Network Settings” – this is a precaution built into your iPad to ensure you actually want to reset your network settings.

Go ahead and tap to confirm “Reset Network Settings”.

Your iPad will now reboot itself and go through the process of resetting all of your network settings.  What’s happening here is basically a complete flush of your network ID’s, DNS settings, and any other WiFi network settings cached on your device.

Once your iPad is fully rebooted, try to connect to your WiFi network.  You should be able to pick up the network instantly.

What if my iPad still doesn’t connect to my WiFi network?

If, after resetting your network settings by following the steps above, your iPad still doesn’t connect to your WiFi network then try this in addition to the steps above:

#1:  Unplug your wireless router

You want to reach behind your wireless router and completely unplug the power cable running into your wireless router, and leave it unplugged for approximately 30 – 60 seconds.  After a minute or so, go ahead and plug the power back into your wireless router and let the wireless router boot up.

The boot up process on your wireless router can take up to 3 minutes to completely come back online.  So be patient and wait 2 – 3 minutes before attempting to connect to your wifi network.

Once your wireless router is back online and you can see the network appearing on your iPad, go ahead and attempt to connect.

Let me know what happens in the comments below.  If you are still having issues, let me know what’s happening – what you’ve done, haven’t done, any error messages you are receiving, etc…


Settings -> general -> reset -> rest all network settings

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