Hidden Message? Or just Ironic? Apple’s New TV Ad Featuring the iPad & iPad Mini

Apple’s traditional TV ad spot for Christmas appeared yesterday featuring the iPad along with the iPad Mini.  The tv ad  entertains viewers with a young lady singing I’ll Be Home For Christmas to her grandpa.  The young lady singing shows up on the iPad and the grandpa appears on the iPad Mini.  I take this to mean that the young lady owns the iPad Mini and the grandpa owns the iPad.

The hidden message Apple is sending out to the world

I wrote a piece the other day giving my opinion on how the iPad Mini will drive Apple’s stock price over $1000.  I based my argument on how the iPad Mini continues to generate demand that far exceeds expectations.  Analysts expected Apple to sell approximately 6 million iPad Mini units by the end of 2012.  And already, Apple is forecasting to double that figure to 12 million units, and Apple may be looking to bring on additional suppliers to help keep up with demand.  Along with the undercut forecasts, the iPad Mini is also outselling the new iPad (the 4th generation iPad).

I can’t believe for a minute that the Apple didn’t purposely present the young lady as the iPad Mini user and the grandpa as the iPad user.  I believe Apple is sending out a clear message to the world that the iPad Mini is the future.  Will the original iPad continue to dominate the larger form factor tablet?  Absolutely.  But I think Apple is telling us that perhaps, just maybe, the future of the tablet market is the 7 inch tablet and the iPad Mini.

What do you think?

Here’s the commercial:

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