This Bodhi Linux OS on Nexus 7 Might Actually Be The First Real Linux Tablet

Up to this point, the best I’ve seen with Linux running on a tablet is the Ubuntu install running on Nexus 7.  But the “Ubuntu Nexus 7″ tablet  was designed solely for experimental purposes – basically so developers can find a way to effectively run Linux on a tablet.  But that problem may have been solved by Bodhi Linux developer Jeff Hoogland who’s built a tool that allows you to install Bodhi on the Nexus 7.  The cool thing is that the Bodhi Linux tablet is actually designed to have a touch friendly UI for tablets.  Of course, the Bodhi Nexus 7 is still under development and there are some glitches.  But still, we finally have a Linux tablet that’s actually designed with a tablet user interface.

Here’s the Bodhi Linux Nexus 7 tablet video:

via liliputing

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