Anonymous Video Threatens Westboro Baptist Church About Protesting At Sandy Hook Elementary (Who’s More Wrong?)


The Westboro Baptist Church has been threatened by the hacker group “Anonymous” if they proceed with plans to protest at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Anonymous posted threats to the Westboro Baptist via their Twitter profile and also made the video you can find below.  Westboro Baptist Church has made statements they plan on protesting at Sandy Hook Elementary where the horrific shootings took place this past week.  And there’s even been a Reddit stream that is claimed to have been made by Westboro Baptist Church that reads “We are members of the Westboro Baptist Church, We declare GOD SENT THE SHOOTER TO CONNECTICUT!  Ask us anything!

Here’s the video made by hacker group Anonymous as a message / threat to Westboro Baptist Church:

So who’s more in the wrong with this whole issue?

On one hand, I get angry just thinking about Westboro Baptist Church even thinking about going to protest at the funeral of those who were killed in the elementary school.  This is a depravity of the human soul and a reflection of hate and extremism that’s on par with terrorism.

On the other hand, I can’t say I agree with “Anonymous” making threats like this to the Westboro Baptist Church and publishing the personal names, emails, and personal addresses of the members of this church.

Who’s more in the wrong?  Who’s right?  Where do I stand…. these are tough questions.

What do you think?



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