Google Maps Problem – Gave Me Wrong Turn by Turn Directions

google map appI realize that when the new Google Maps app for iPhone was released on Thursday there was a big warning that said, “Use Caution!  …Directions may be innacurate, incomplete, dangerous, or prohibited.”  

When I traveled down to Augusta, Ga. on that same day, the map app worked perfectly.

So last night, when traveling to a Christmas party in Athens, Ga. I figured I’d try out my Google map app again.  I was 100% confident it it’s ability to get me where I was going.  In fact, I knew exactly where I was without the map app, but wanted to see how it performed.

And besides, I’m still blown away by the Google (GOOG) map app delivering turn by turn navigation, along with notifications, even when the iPhone is asleep.

So when I approached one of the last intersections before arriving to my destination, the Google map app told me to make a right hand turn – which was incorrect.  The right hand turn would’ve taken me in the completely different direction from where I needed to be.  Even though I knew the app was taking me in the wrong direction, I proceeded to follow the turn by turn navigation to see what would happen.

I’m happy to report that I got about a quarter of a mile in the wrong direction and the app told me to turn around.  So it at least corrected itself.  And yes, I can now confirm that Google was smart in placing their little warning about the accuracy of turn by turn directions.

Have you tried out the Google map app yet?  If so, have you experienced any inaccurate turn by turn navigation?

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