iPaf? What in the world is an iPaf?

Interesting thing I found tonight in Google‘s (GOOGcorrelate tool regarding the iPad.  I discovered that the word “ipaf” is the most highly correlated search term in Google, far and above any other search term.

Of course, it doesn’t take long to realize what’s going on here with the “ipaf” search.  Obviously people are meaning to type in the keyword iPad but accidentally hit the “f” key instead of the “d” key.

Easy enough to do since they are right next to each other, especially if they people typing in the term ipad is typing with only one finger – the ipaf typo would be easy enough to generate accidentally.  So have you ever typed “ipaf” instead of “ipad” in Google search?

Here’s the graph showing the strong correlation between “ipaf” and “ipad” in Google search:

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