Tim Cook Says, “iPhone Glass Is Made in Kentucky!” in interview with Brian Williams on NBC’s ‘Rock Center’

As the conversation surrounding Apple (AAPL) manufacturing their products over seas grows louder, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) spoke frankly to NBC New’s Brian Williams about how Apple is focusing on bringing jobs back to the United States.  In one comment, Cook said point blank that the glass on your iPhone is made in Kentucky.  Tim Cook preceded that statement saying that the engine within the iPhone is manufactured right here in America.  In fact, he says that not only is the engine of the iPhone made here in America, but that we actually export the product outside the U.S. (China for assembly).  All of this comes as Tim Cook confirms Apple will be building the new iMac here in America.  It seems as though Apple is starting to make a fundamental shift in manufacturing, and also in being a leader as an American company to bring more jobs back there to the United States.

Watch Brian Williams interview Apple CEO Tim Cook on NBC’s Rock Center here.

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