Kindle Fire Now #2 In The Tablet Wars (Graph)

According to Chitika, an online advertising network, has tracked tens of millions of ad impressions on tablet computers in both the U.S. and Canada to compile data for a November web taffic data report.  The report and associated graph below shows the date range of Nov. 12th thru Nov. 18th, purposely excluding tablet web data traffic from Black Friday so as to have a “less skewed” data report.  The iPad, which commands 90% of web traffic on tablet computers in the U.S., is excluded from the graph.

Actually, the iPad isn’t completely excluded from the graph.  In fact, all of the data you see in the graph has been calculated based on ad impressions per 100 ad impressions on the iPad.  So in reality, the entire graph is relative to the iPad.

You’ve heard the saying before right – a picture tells a thousands words?   One look at the graph shows you that Kindle Fire  – and the lineup of Kindle Fire HD tablets – has a commanding 2nd place lead in tablet computers with 4.05 impressions per 100 iPad impressions, or about 3.6% of total tablet web traffic market share.

Here’s the graph showing tablet computer web traffic relative to the iPad:

So what do you think about this graph and the associated data?

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