Is The iPhone 5 More Than You Expected?

The new iPhone 5 is finally here in stores around the world, as well as online retailers such as  People are starting to begin to come to grips with how different it is from previous iPhone models. The new iPhone 5 has received excellent reviews from the critics and cemented its place as the smartphone of choice in today’s highly competitive smartphone market.

This is due to a number of advancements that make it faster, more responsive, and simply more practical than other phones including previous iPhone versions. The iPhone 5 is fitted with the new A6 processor and is marketed as being a fair bit faster than before – especially when allied with the new 4G services. But even the iPhone 5 running on 3G is a marked improvement because of it’s processing power.

The standard Safari browser still stands as being one of the best in mobile business, and browsing time on the new Apple iPhone 5 has increased from 6 hours to 8 hours on 3G (9 hours to 10 hours on Wi-Fi). These are some pretty impressive battery life figures considering the explosive growth in mobile phone web browsing usage.

One of the big draws of the new iPhone 5 is that it has a 4-inch screen rather than the old 3.5 inch. This may have perturbed previous buyers who like gaming and watching videos in wide screen, but the new size allows for both one-handed thumb control while gaining a wider screen experience while watching content. The display itself is as sharp as ever at 326ppi.

The design and overall dimensions of the new iPhone 5 are the most visible part of the iPhone’s evolution. The iPhone 5 strives to retain that organic quality that is distinctive to the Apple, and of which has been at the heart of numerous copyright battles with the likes of competitors such as Samsung.

The cornered and robust body of the iPhone 5 is a statement about intuitive technology, and it now comes in a lighter, thinner form without losing its overall sound design. It’s clear that the iPhone has evolved in subtle, yet brilliant ways, and the new iPhone 5 should be enough to convince the uninitiated that it is one of the best smartphones on the market today.

So what do you think about the iPhone 5 so far?  Is it everything you expected it to be?

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