Why Online Gaming Will Be The Next Big Thing For Facebook

So it wasn’t long ago now that Facebook announced it had over 800 million members, on the hugely successful social networking website. Since the launch of Facebook a lot has changed and more features have been added making Facebook even more of a successful social network. Earlier in 2012 Facebook announced its launch on the New York Stock Exchange, and FarmVille became Facebook’s fastest growing social media game of all time. These are just a couple of the changes which have been evident throughout Facebook’s reign, and being the most powerful and successful social networking website of all time.

Facebook online gaming

When we start talking about online gaming, many of us would previously disregard social media gaming, as this was a new niche at the time. One which had rarely been explored, until now that is. Social gaming on Facebook has become a great success thanks to online gaming developers such as Zynga, Slashkey, Playfish, Wooga and Online Skills Limited.

For the enthusiastic social media gamers out there, you have probably heard of Zynga, and their world famous social media game, but how many of you have heard of Online Skills Limited? Online Skills Limited has created and recently launched Click Fun, a social media game / app that works through Facebook.

Facebook online gaming

To give you an overview of the game, you begin with a few hundred coins, and have access to a number of slot machine games. The more money you place on the slots, the greater your chances of hitting the jackpot. Each of the games follow a similar theme but are all as enjoyable as one another. Graphics, music and animations are the main differences throughout the levels, and so there’s always something new to cast your eyes on.

If you access Click Fun through your Facebook account you are rewarded with a number of free coins, as well as being able to communicate with your fellow Facebook friends. You can also keep track of their level and number of coins, through your Facebook account. Like many social media games you can communicate and share gifts with friends, in order to create a more fun and sociable gaming experience. If you haven’t any Facebook friends currently using the Click Fun app, invite them along to play and gain benefits of free coins as you do so.

The Click fun game is also available to play online via your compatible iPhone or iPad device. Click here to play Click Fun www.clickfun.com. If you would like to play the game through your Facebook profile hit Click Fun in the Facebook search and download the app.

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