You Won’t Believe How Isreali Soldiers Are Using Instagram In Their War Against Hamas (Images)

One thing that might not surprise you is that Instagram is Facebook’s #1 mobile app – this according to the Facebook App Center which tracks and ranks all of the apps, including mobile apps, that are integrated into their world’s largest social network.  And yes, I’m thinking Facebook made a pretty smart decision when they purchased Instagram for $1 billion.

Wait a minute… that’s an awful lot of money – maybe it wasn’t a good idea!  I don’t know… I digress.

Instagram is making news today in ways other than just being Facebook’s #1 mobile app.  Instagram is apparently the app of choice for the IDF – Isreali Defense Force – as they snap and share pics of themselves in the midst of one of the worst conflicts to date with Hamas where bombs are raining in from both sides.

In the midst of a terrible conflict between Israel and Hamas, and in a situation that seems to never have an end or peaceful solution, these are not the types of images you’d expect to be rising to the top of news feeds.

These images seem to add a more human side to situation that is seemingly surreal:


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