CamScanner PDF Creator Review – The CamScanner PDF App For Android Is One Handy-Dandy, Powerful (and fun) App…

CamScanner PDF creator is one handy-dandy, powerful (and fun) app….

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about a terrific app (not so secret since there’s more than 40 million users who are actively using this app!) that will keep you connected, help you save gas, time, money, even trees! If you haven’t heard of it before, well, you need to take notice of one of the coolest apps I have ever used since owning a smartphone.

CamScanner (developed by Instig) has been a very useful app for me since I first found it in Google Play Store and downloaded it onto my Samsung Galaxy S III. With it, I am able to digitize any document (by taking a snapshot with my smartphone camera), and instantaneously convert it to a PDF document which I can then easily email, text, fax or print from my smartphone, no matter where I am. This truly brings the meaning of the term “virtual office” to realization.

CamScanner is handy and versatile in so many different ways.

Take snapshots of receipts, legal documents, bills, tax records, business cards, birth certificates, coupons….you name it.

CamScanner takes the picture, automatically crops the image then converts it to a PDF. You can enhance the image quality, change orientation, etc., and once you’re done, it’s ready to be emailed, faxed, send to print, and/or uploaded to cloud (Since my Samsung Galaxy S III takes such beautiful pics, I really don’t fool with the enhancement features unless I really have to for some reason).

CamScanner will definitely give you a competitive edge in the business world. How about keeping/managing important documents at home? Need to send a quick fax to your lawyer, realtor, or tax-preparer and you have no fax machine? Problem solved. I (and I’m sure you as well) could come up with numerous scenarios in which CamScanner would be useful and beneficial.

I work as a car salesman at a dealership in Athens, Georgia. Last month, I was able to sell a vehicle to a customer in Tennessee; and we had never met. In fact, he never set foot on the lot. What helped me to close the deal (aside from my wit, charm and amazing selling skills) was that I was able to fax the Purchase Agreement to his location because he called to let me know that the attachment in the email I sent him earlier from my office wouldn’t open. The problem now is that I was sitting in the waiting room at my doctor’s office when he called. I resent the email from my smartphone and still got the same result. He was getting a little flustered because it was Friday afternoon, he was on his lunch break and he needed to go to his credit union with the Purchase Agreement so he could get a cashier’s check from them. Friday afternoons can be a bit hairy where banks, law offices, etc are concerned.

I asked him to go to the credit union and call me once he was there and give me their fax number. While waiting on him to call back, I accessed the email from my smartphone, downloaded the attachment, then launched the CamScanner app. He then called, gave me the fax number to the credit union and within minutes, he received the fax! I was charged only .99 cents on my card for each page. My client was able to get the cashier’s check from the credit union, and the vehicle was delivered to him the very next day (we had a delivery driver meet him on the GA-TN border). Upon accepting the vehicle, he gave the delivery driver the cashier’s check, took the vehicle home, all while I was back at the dealership closing another deal…now that’s what I call multi-tasking!

Emailing, texting and uploading to cloud is free of charge (Data rates may apply – that’s on YOU to verify). Faxes cost .99 cents per page, but you have the option to buy multiple page packages at discount prices. It will keep tally of how many pages you’ve faxed and will remind you of when you are out of pages.

I highly recommend getting CamScanner and download it onto your mobile device if you don’t already have it. Its a great tool to have, very easy to use and just plain cool. 40 Million + users (myself included) love it. You can get the free-trial or the full version at Google Play or the Apple Store. If you download and use ot for the first time, I’d love to get your feedback.

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