Amazon Goes For The Throat of Apple With A “iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD” Chart, Proving Tablets (Again) Will Dominate The Holiday Shopping Season

Kindle Fire HD vs iPad Mini

Knowing iPad Mini pre sales got underway on Friday, Amazon is taking it personal against Apple and their entrance into the 7 inch tablet market with the iPad Mini.  Now Amazon wants to steal a little bit of that thunder back from Apple and shift that focus back to the new Kindle Fire HD.  It was a little more than month ago on September 6, 2012 when Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, took the stage and announced Amazon’s new lineup of Kindle Fire HD tablets – and then started shipping eight days later on September 14th.

The level of pre orders, sales, and subsequent on going sales of the Kinde Fire HD has placed Amazon’s new tablet squarely at the top of their best seller list – trumping even the previous best seller, the 1st generation Kindle Fire.

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In order to combat the “Apple effect” of the iPad Mini, and to steal back some of that thunder, Amazon has dedicated their homepage to a comparison of the Kindle Fire HD to the iPad Mini, and of course showing how the Kindle Fire HD is a superior 7 inch tablet compared to the iPad Mini.  Even though you can see the Amazon generated iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD chart on their homepage and again at the top of this article, I decided to spell it out for you here – and hopefully it can help you make your own conclusions as to which 7 inch tablet rules the day.

Of course Amazon is taking note that Apple decided to release the iPad Mini just in time for the Holiday Season’s and the busy Christmas shopping season that’s just around the corner.  The Christmas and holiday shopping season, especially Black Friday deals, is a very large percentage of Amazon’s revenue, so they (being Amazon) are very motivated to capture some of the attention back from Apple and get people thinking about their lineup of Kindle Fire HD tablets.  Along with the comparison of the Kindle Fire HD vs. iPad Mini, we can more than likely see some pretty strong deals from Amazon on their lineup of tablets, perhaps even Black Friday deals at Amazon on the Kindle Fire HD.

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Here’s some highlights from Amazon’s “Kindle Fire HD vs iPad Mini” chart:.

  • Kindle Fire HD has “HD display” with 30% more pixels than the iPad Mini
  • iPad Mini has standard definition with low resolution display
  • Kindle Fire HD has 216 pixels per inch, iPad Mini has 163 pixels per inch
  • Watch HD movies & TV shows on the Kindle Fire HD – No HD movies or TV on iPad Mini
  • Kindle Fire HD has dual stereo speakers, iPad Mini has mono speaker
  • Kindle Fire HD has ultra fast MIMO Wi-Fi, iPad Mini Wi-Fi verdict is still out
  • You can get the Kindle Fire HD for only $199, the iPad Mini starts at $329

So now you can decide what the best 7 inch tablet is for you and your budget.  If you look at it from a purely budget standpoint, clearly the Kindle Fire HD is standing out as a winner sitting at only $199, compared to the iPad Mini that starts at $329.  But Apple is Apple, and they’ve always been able to demand the higher pricing because of their brand.

My thoughts are, this time with Apple, they may find some struggles meeting sales expectations with the iPad Mini.  Even though Apple started the  entire tablet market with their iPad Mini back in 2010, the likes of Amazon’s Kindle Fire & Kindle Fire HD, and the Google Nexus 7 Android tablet have really targeted the smaller form factor tablets and have done extremely well.

So the question is, can Apple pull off a big hit with the iPad Mini with the pricing starting at $329, or will Amazon rule the 7 inch tablet market with their new Kindle Fire HD’s?

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