The iPhone is So Serious: Lighten Up with iPod Touch (and How to Get Rid of Your Old One)

old ipod touch

While the newly unveiled iPhone 5 is getting all of the attention, Apple continues to improve upon the iPod Touch.

The saturated colors are bright, the weight is light and the amazing iSight camera is crystal clear and sharp.

Stop by the Apple website to see the newest features including a 4-inch Retina display, 5-mexapixel camera.

So, what do you do with your old iPod Touch when you get the upgraded charcoal grey or metallic yellow version?

Do you throw it in the trash waiting for the next garbage collection to haul it away?

Do you take it apart and use the gears and screws as steampunk jewelry pieces?

Do you sell it?

Donate it?

Do you get so overwhelmed with what you should do with it that you end up tossing it in a drawer with your other retired electronics, chargers and adapters never again to see the light of day?

Don’t fret. There are options.

Give Your Old iPod Touch  Someone You Love

Just because it’s old and used, doesn’t mean it’s not new to someone else.

In an attempt to bring your parents up to the speed of technology, give them a peace offering—your former iPod.

They can slowly get acquainted with the ways of the new world, while you secretly plot their conformation to the world of technology.

You might consider removing your information from it first, so they are not exposed to something they may not want to see.

Get out your users manual that you saved because you knew you would need it someday and erase your information properly.

As reported on USA Today, another option is to donate it to a charity that will have it recycled and either refurbished or sold for proceeds.

Many types of organizations have cell phone recycling programs, do your research and find one that you believe in most.

Save the Earth By Recycling Your Old iPod Touch

Awareness of the dangers of electronics to our environment and our bodies is increasing.

We know that toxic chemicals like cadmium, lead and mercury fill the insides of our little portable playmates so when they go bye-bye, it’s recycling plants to the rescue.

It’s a delicate process, breaking up a mobile device.

The copper can be reused and the gold can be melted into valuable bars. But if not disposed of properly, take cover. It’s hazardous.

All you have to do to recycle your small electronics is to take it to a phone service store or landfill drop-off. It will be handled from there.

Make a Trade For Your Old iPod Touch

As seen on, you can walk into a gaming shop with an old iPod and walk out with cash in your hand, new video games, or store credit to use in the future.

It really is that easy.

The store will do a few tests on the device to make sure it’s in decent condition and you walk out ahead.

Sounds like a pretty good option if you’ve taken good care of your iPod.

Make Some Money on your Old iPod Touch

Another option for getting some cash back from your previous iPhone investment is to sell it on the Web, on sites like Ebay or Craigslist.

You won’t be getting back the full original sale price, but any money back will make the price tag on the new iPhone upgrade seem a little smaller.

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