GreenWave WiFi Lightbulbs write up at Gizmodo chokes their website, but controlling lighting from your iPad is an awesome idea – check out this video

How about controlling the lights in and around your house from your iPhone or iPad, or any wireless device like your Android smartphone or Android tablets?  This is now a reality with The GreenWave Reality Connnected Lighting Solution.

All you need to do is screw in your light bulb, plug in GreenWave’s wireless router into your existing wireless router box, go through the quick setup on your wireless device (iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, etc…) and that’s pretty much it.

Control the lights in your house from your iPad.  The app allows you to do all sorts of cool things like set timers, schedule lighting scenarios, etc…

Gizmodo just published a big write up on these WiFi lightbulbs and linked directly to the GreenWave Reality website.  But apparently they (GreenWave) aren’t using an adequate server because the traffic hitting their site is about choking it to death.

Anyway, the WiFi lightbulbs seem awesome and reflect a new paradigm of implementing wireless technology into our lives.

In case you are wondering what other WiFi light controlling units might be on the market right now, you can shop till your heart’s content on Amazon.

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