Fix For iOS 6 WiFi Problems on iPhone & iPad – Resetting Wireless Router

** Update 10.29.12 **  I’ve been covering the iOS 6 WiFi problem from day 1 (actually from the first hour iOS 6 was released) – I don’t profess to know everything, but I’ve found (and a lot of the readers that have communicated with me have also found) that more than likely one of the fixes I’ve written about below will resolve your WiFi connectivity issue.  If not, then it’s possible your WiFi problem is outside the scope of iOS 6.

Check out the video below where I talk about this fix for this iOS 6 WiFi problem.

This is now fix #4 that I’ve written about for the iOS 6 WiFi problems people have been having with their iPhone and iPad.  Of the four fixes so far, this one seems to be the most effective, or most consistent.  And basically it has to do with resetting the wireless router that you were on when you upgraded your iPhone or your iPad to iOS 6.

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The problem I’ve had up to this point is that, unfortunately, not all solutions have worked 100% of the time.  Some people see success, but none of the iOS 6 wifi fixes are working across the board.
But… I may have found the perfect solution to the iOS 6 wifi problem.  And ironically enough, this has nothing to do with your iPhone or your iPad, but has everything to do with your wireless router.

Wireless Router – the root of iOS 6 WiFi problems?

Some people have been able to fix the iOS 6 wifi problem by simply resetting (turning off / turning back on) the security settings on their wireless router – another way to say it is to disable / re-enable the security on your wireless router.

And some people are fixing the wifi problem with iOS on their iPhone or iPad by doing a complete reset of their wireless router.

Check out my video below and then let me know in the comments if this works for you.  There’s a lot of different wireless routers out there so I can’t realistic go into how to reset each one.  But post in the comments what you have and I’ll help from there.

Here’s my video on the fix for iOS 6 wifi problems with your iPhone & iPad:

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