Can Lady Gaga Save The Blackberry?

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The question of the day is this:  Can Lady Gaga save Blackberry?

Before I share more about this, check out this previously removed (or banned) Blackberry commercial that may have been the catalyst for the whole idea of Lady Gaga teaming up with RIMM to save the Blackberry:

Deep in the crevices of the web, there are some rumors that are starting to bubble up that are pointing at RIMM, the maker of Blackberry devices, possibly leveraging the social prowess and influence of none other than Lady Gaga.  This rumor was started with a video that was released by Blackberry showing off their lineup of BB10 devices that are scheduled to hit in early 2013.  And of which, ironically, have been removed from the web save for one website which is Slashgear, and now also here on Tablet Crunch (see video above and pray that my blog doesn’t get taken down).

Can Lady Gaga save the Blackberry?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The video highlights the new Blackberry devices and a new plan to do something amazing with the device in one day.  And then after you produce something amazing with the new Blackberry within one day, the device will move to another person who may, or may be famous.  However, when the commercial starts talking about famous people, Lady Gaga starts to dominate the scene, being shown all over the place as if she is the one “famous” person who’s already been pegged as someone to do something amazing with the new Blackberry.

I’m actually thinking that Lady Gaga might be a good option for RIMM to generate some new life and hope for the Blackberry.  Here’s why?

All of the above is the exact inverse of what we can use to describe the Blackberry.

Of course with one small exception which was yesterday, and even today, on Wall Street.

Blackberry shares popped up nearly 20% yesterday.

Not on great news, mind you…. but on news that wasn’t as bad as everyone thought.

And because of Blackberry’s “less than terrible” news, Wall Street responded with enthusiastic buying of shares for the maker of Blackberry.

And shares today have been up as much as 12% or more – and I have a picture to prove it:

So what you do you think these new rumors that are starting to percolate?

Can Lady Gaga be just what Blackberry needs to get back into the mobile game?

And this might be a stretch, but does Wall Street already see the Lady Gaga effect coming and is this why we are really seeing RIMM’s stock price jump?

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