iOS 6 Problems On iPhone & iPad – How To Fix Slow, Sluggish Performance And Battery Drain Issues

Two of the biggest complaints that are surfacing right now across the web regarding the iOS 6 update are:

1)  after updating to iOS 6, their iPhone or iPad seems very slow and sluggish

2)  the battery life on the iPhone and iPad seems to be draining a lot faster

Both of these issues, from what I’ve experienced since Saturday on my iPhone 3GS, are a function of the same thing – location enabled apps.

When you upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 6, all (or the majority) of the apps on your device that have location capability will automatically have their location element enabled.

I wrote about this yesterday, and in that article I shared the picture of my location services settings on my iPhone.

Here’s what it looked like after I updated to iOS 6:

As you can see, the majority of the apps (there are more below the list that weren’t enabled for whatever reason) had their location services enabled.

Why location services slows down your iPhone / iPad and drains your battery

The reason why this is a problem after updating to you iOS 6 is because when you have all of these apps with location enabled, they are all now constantly processing location data in the background.

This means, while your phone is just sitting there doing nothing, it’s actually working like a horse to keep all of the apps up to date with their location.

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And as far as the batter life goes, when you have all of these apps working like crazy to keep your location updated, it’s your battery that’s having to keep the juice flowing.

How to fix your slow, sluggish iPhone / iPad and your battery drain issue after upgrading to iOS 6

The fix, which I’ve written about here but I will reiterate once again, is to simply go through your list of apps and turn off your location services.

I found a lot of apps that had location services enabled that were apps I never even used, and certainly had no reason for location services to be turned on.

And there were also apps I use a lot that simply do not need location services turned on.  For example, my photos were location enabled.  I don’t really have a need to have my location services constantly running for my photos.

So here’s how to fix your slow, sluggish iPhone / iPad and battery drain issues after updating to iOS 6:

  1. Go to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad
  2. Click on the “settings” app
  3. Go to “privacy” settings
  4. tap on “Location Services”
  5. Now go through your list of apps that have location services turned on and turn them off

Remember, the more apps you turn off the more processing power and battery life you are preserving.

I hope this helps some of the millions of people that are struggling with this issue right now.

Let me know in the comments if you find any other issues that might be causing a slow, sluggish device and / or battery drain.

All I know is this worked perfectly for me.

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