The war has been raging for a couple of years. But despite publishers and bibliophiles fighting tooth and nail, ebook sales are still rising. And recently, I am sure to the chagrin of many traditionalists, ebooks have outsold hard copy books.

Kindle with Print BooksAccording to Amazon, for every 100 print books, 114 ebooks are also sold – a very close lead. What a drastic change considering that book printing started hundreds of years ago and ebooks were just first introduced in the 1970’s. Surprised as I am, ebooks have been with us for over forty years already; it was just recently that ebooks became general public use.

The advent of the iPad, Kindle Fire HD and other tablets has helped introduce ebooks to the public. Now, even kids and great-grandmothers use tablets to read books.

It will be interesting to see how this rise in ebooks affects the publishing industry. Will it adapt and follow the online trend or is it too old and archaic to function in a high-tech society?