Will Amazon’s New Kindle Fire Offer Free 3G Data?

Next Thursday (Sept. 6th) is looking to be a big day for Amazon.  They’ve been sending out invites to a “special” press conference that will held at an airport hangar in Santa Monica, California.  The content of the invite, of course, doesn’t allude to what Amazon has up its sleeve, they only say “Please join us for an Amazon Press Conference.”  News is out today that Amazon will be delaying the release of the 10 inch Kindle Fire.  So that rules out an announcement for the larger form factor tablet.  It would only make sense then that we’ll seen an update version of the Kindle Fire.  But what does updated mean exactly?

I’d like to believe it means free 3G data.  Yeah, that would be a huge step for Amazon – for any company really – but if you think about, it makes perfect sense.  Amazon’s money maker isn’t in selling hardware (i.e. the Kindle Fire tablet), but in the software and content that’s accessible via the Kindle Fire.  And what better way to open up the flood gates to Amazon’s ocean of content than to offer free 3G?  Free 3G on the Kindle Fire would make it a no brain’er to subscribe to Amazon Prime – Amazon’s subscription based program that offers free unlimited streaming of TV shows, movies, and free 2 day shipping on millions of products.  What do you think?  Is it possible we’ll see free 3G on the next generation Kindle Fire tablet?

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