How To Get A New iPhone 3GS For $.99 Cents

You see, it all started when I switched from my old iPhone 3GS last year to try out (what was then) the new Samsung Galaxy S Android phone.

This was a great deal then actually because my plan at AT&T was eligible for an upgrade, and if I renewed for 2 years, I could get the Galaxy S for only $.99 cents.  Wow… what a deal, right?

Initially the Samsung Galaxy S seemed pretty cool.  I finally had free rain on the Android after being an iPhone owner for so long.  After all, I was the guy who stood in line back in 2007 to get the very first iPhone and was a proud iPhone owner for nearly 4 years.  And since I ran a tech blog (which I sold after buying my Galaxy S), I figured I should try out an Android smartphone in order to be a more “well rounded” tech blogger.

Problem was, after about 6 months, the Galaxy S started freezing on me, spam was bombarding my phone, and I found myself having to keep taking the battery out to reboot – very frustrating to say the least.

My $.99 cent iPhone 3GS

I know what you’re saying…. “I thought your title said a $.99 cent iPhone 3GS???… and all you’re talking about is a $.99 cent Galaxy S!”

And yes, I know the iPhone 3GS was free since the announcement of the iPhone 4S.  So that actually makes the $.99 cent iPhone 3GS a price increase… but still, it’s a great deal for someone looking to get out of their Galaxy S.

So let me tell you what happened next!

It was a few weeks ago when I was over at my local Wal-Mart picking something up when I glanced over at the AT&T store.  I wasn’t really pressed for time (which is rare), so I figured what the heck, let me go in and see what they have going on with iPhone’s, Android phones, tablets, etc…

So after being there a few minutes, the AT&T sales person walked up to me and we started talking like a couple of geeks (I’m sure you know the scene).  And while I was listening to the rep talk, I glanced over his left shoulder and saw on the wall an iPhone 3GS with a sign underneath it that said “Only $.99 cents”.

I actually thought I was seeing things, so I rubbed my eyes for a double take and sure enough, that sign said “Only $.99 cents”.

Well, our conversation quickly turned when I asked the rep what in the world does that sign mean underneath the iPhone 3GS that reads “Only $.99 cents”?  And he said, quite simple, “that’s what it means – you can get the iPhone 3GS for only $.99 cents.”

Of course, in order to get that price, you ultimately have to renew your contract for 2 more years, but with 3 smartphones on a family plan and being with AT&T for nearly 15 years, I can probably safely say we won’t be switching anytime soon.  So I asked the rep to check out my account and see if I’m eligible for an upgrade.

Much to my surprise, I was within my window for an upgrade!

So here was my chance.  I could get rid of my dying Samsung Galaxy S and get a brand new, right out of the box iPhone 3GS for only $.99 cents.  And of course, I took that AT&T up on the offer.

Not only did I get a brand new iPhone 3GS for only $.99 cents, but they actually bought my Samsung Galaxy S back from me for a whopping $25.  Of which I turned around and bought a sweet Speck iPhone 3GS case.

So at the end of the day, I scored a brand new iPhone 3GS for only $.99 cents and got rid of my Galaxy S – I was pretty happy with the decision of walking into AT&T that day.

Now I don’t know if AT&T is still running the deal or not, but if you were in the market for a new iPhone 3GS, you might want to give them a call because you might be able to score one for only $.99 cents.  Of course, you’ll need to pay for a data plan and minutes, etc… but a $.99 cent brand new iPhone 3GS is a deal unlike any I’ve seen anywhere else.

I would guess AT&T is trying to clear out their inventory to make room for the iPhone 5.

Has anyone else taken AT&T up on their offer with the $.99 cent iPhone 3GS?

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