5 Easy Tips to Speed Up Android Tablets and Phones

After using our Android tablets and smartphones for several months, we often get the feeling that our devices have become slower and less responsive, even if those are powerful quad- or dual-core mobile phones. Here’s when we start thinking about how we can speed them up.

Actually, it’s not really difficult to speed up an Android tablet or phone, and no special knowledge is necessary for this. Just follow the five easy tips below:

1. Android Booster

Unlike Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Android tablets and phones can boast a huge number of apps created to make them work faster. Android booster, for example, is an application tailored to increasing the performance of your Android tablet or smartphone.

It holds a wide range of abilities, from checking your battery usage to monitoring data usage. However, its number one ability is to increase the speed of the Android device.

Through killing tasks that are not needed, along with easy app and widget management, the Android booster speeds up the phone efficiently in a way that does not harm your general use of the device.

The interface is extremely easy to use which enables all users to effectively speed up their phone/tablet through custom editing.  Plus the app can be downloaded from Google Play for free, which is also very nice.

2. Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer is a free application that is similar to Android Booster, in that it closes unnecessary apps and tasks that are harming the performance of your tablet or phone.

However, it differs in that it focuses on task killing rather than other additional functions such as battery reports, which results in an app that takes up less storage and is more defined to task killing if that is the specific action that you wish to take.

The app is still very versatile however, with different settings regarding what types of apps are disabled when not in use, or how many by default. The app also enables easy editing of widgets in use that can drain the speed of your device.

3. Remove Widgets

Despite their flashy appeal, widgets drain the processing power of a tablet or phone significantly when overused, which results in a device being sluggish and less responsive. These widgets constantly work in the background of your device, and through graphics that are often featured on such widgets, can often require a large amount of power to keep working.

So removing widgets that aren’t actually needed, or removing all widgets entirely can often reap massive rewards for your Android device’s speed. This simple tip works on Samsung’s Galaxy tabs (though I guess it’ll work on the devices of other manufacturers as well) and almost all Android smartphones, including the new ones like the Sony Xperia S.

4. Change Web Browser

Overall, Android is an extremely good operating system, which pushes the boundaries of smartphones and tablets and provides a great user experience. However, the chink in its armor is the web browser that it includes within the operating system, which is awful.

The speed which it operates at has gained it criticism from almost every reviewer, and often it will not work at all. For this reason we suggest that every person wishing to speed up their web browsing downloads an alternative browser on their device and remove the Android browser. Some of these browsers take up more room than the Android browser, but it is certainly worth it.

Opera Mini is a nice alternative – it is certainly quicker than the Android browser, and in many ways is more user friendly through its tile navigation system, which allows users to keep their favourite on the main screen, and is far less clumsy than the list system employed by the Android browser.

5. Remove unused apps

Many apps can sit on a phone unused, and subsequently clog up the system memory and the storage, which in turn can make the phone or tablet work less efficiently. This includes apps which the provider supplied you with initially, which are never used by the tablet/phone’s user but use up a large amount of memory.

Removing these apps can often speed up your device, especially when the storage is almost at its limit.

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