Elderly Woman Sues Apple For $1 Mil After Walking Into Glass Doors At Apple Store

When 83 year old Evelyn Paswall found out that Apple had a hot new new iPad for sale, she just couldn’t wait to get into her local Apple Store in Manhassett, Long Island.  The only problem was, when Ms. Paswall showed up to see what all the buzz was about, she walked straight into the glass doors of the Apple Store.

I truly feel terrible for this elderly lady and pray for her speedy recovery and I’m sure it was an embarrassing moment.  But the ambulance chasing lawyers in Manhassett must have been standing by watching the whole thing unfold because now Ms. Paswall is suing Apple for $75,000 in medical expenses plus punitive damages for negligence totaling $1 million dollars.

Ms. Paswall is claiming that the glass doors at the Apple Store were just too squeaky clean, and she didn’t even realize they were there.

The incident left Ms. Paswall with a broken nose, a lot of media coverage, and more than likely a check coming from Apple.  And if Apple does write Ms. Paswall a big ol’ check, how many other people are going to ‘accidentally’ walk into a glass wall at an Apple Store?

via CBS News, MacRumors, Apple

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