Summary:  China based tech blog says it somehow obtained real iPad 3 components like the rear shell, front glass, and an iPad 3 case, and then put it all together on video.

China based tech and gadget blog MicGadget has received what they claim are authentic components for the next generation iPad – the iPad 3?  These components consist primarily of the the front glass, rear shell, and outer cases for the next generation iPad.  These parts, according to MicGadget, are confirmed and come from “a very reliable source”.

Video at the end of article shows leaked iPad 3 parts being assembled.

One of the rumors killed in these latest iPad 3 component leaks is the “no home button” rumor.  Up to this point, most rumors speculated that the latest iPad would not have a home button.  However, looking at these iPad 3 parts, that rumor would definitely not be true.

Along with the leaked components, MicGadget buy up a bunch of iPad 3 cases from Shenzhen, China.

Here’s an image of some of the iPad 3 cases that were purchased:

iPad 3 Cases

Along with these leaked iPad 3 parts, there is a lot more information starting to surface around Apple’s next generation iPad.  One of the most interesting pieces of information missing from all of this is the name of the next generation iPad.  Most believe it will be called the iPad 3, but other names thrown around have been iPad 2s and iPad HD.

Below is the video from MicGadget where they assemble the leaked iPad 3 parts.  This video also shows you that (assuming these are real iPad 3 parts) the next generation iPad will in fact have a home button.