Make Your Own TouchScreen (Smartphone) Gloves With GloveTips Kit

Turn any pair of gloves into touchscreen and smartphone compatible gloves – DIY Smartphone & Touchscreen Glove Kit

GloveTips Smartphone & Touchscreen Glove Kit

Christmas just ended, and up here in New York the coldest part of winter is just around the corner.  Obviously, millions of tablets were sold like the Kindle Fire, along with many millions of more touchscreen devices such as the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhones, and not to mention all the Android smartphones and tablets.  Lots of touchscreens on the market – to say the least.

Make Your Own Smartphone Touchscreen Gloves

With the rise of touchscreen devices, along with the weather starting to cold, everyone is wanting to know how to use their newest Kindle Fire, iPhone, or iPad while they have their gloves on.  Of course, you could go out and spend a bunch of money for a pair of specifically designed smartphone gloves.  But if you’re anything like me, you might be interested in making your favorite pair of gloves smartphone and touchscreen compatible.  This will save you a ton of money while also allowing you to retain your most favorite pair gloves that you’ve owned for awhile, or that new pair of gloves you just got for Christmas.

The most recommended product for making any pair of gloves smartphone or touchscreen compatible is the GloveTips 3-Piece Touchscreen Kit

GloveTips 3-Piece Touchscreen Glove Kit

Product Features

  • Make YOUR Gloves Touchscreen Compatible
  • So precise you can type text and e-mail on your touchscreen device.
  • Don’t waste your money on expensive specialty touchscreen gloves. GloveTips work with your gloves.
  • Mounting takes just a few minutes / No Additional Tools Necessary / Gloves Sold Separately
  • GloveTips are about the most responsive, most accurate that I’ve tried.

GloveTips:  DIY Touchscreen Glove Videos


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