Kindle Fire On Its Way To The Best Selling Android Tablet In The World

Reports are out today that Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet may have already shipped 3 – 4 million units since its debut on November 15th, and with solid Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, the Kindle Fire shipment figure could reach the estimated 5 million units.

If the Kindle Fire does sell more than 5 million units, it would achieve the status as the number one selling Android tablet and the number two selling tablet worldwide, behind of course Apple’s iPad.

Pre orders have been in building in mass since September 28th when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the Kindle Fire to a packed media room in New York City.  The Kindle Fire retails for only $199, making it the least expensive high end Android tablet on the market.  The next closest competitor is The Nook, which retails at $249.  And even though The Nook may have some more robust specs, it falls far short of the content offerings that Amazon can deliver through the Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire offers a wide array of content such as TV shows, movies, games, apps, music, ebooks, and of course direct access to the Amazon marketplace.

Digitimes reports the that the 3 – 4 million units have been confirmed through a source from Quanta, Amazon’s manufacturer of the Kindle Fire, and will likely exceed the 5 million mark by the end of 2011.

via VentureBeat

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