How To Watch Kindle Fire Movies Outside U.S.

The new Kindle Fire is on a record breaking sales streak.  It’s estimated that in 2012 alone, Amazon could ship nearly 12 million Kindle Fire devices which would allow it to capture nearly 15% of the tablet market space.  Of course, Apple’s iPad is the current dominant force in the space.

With Kindle Fire content only be accessible in the United States however, it goes without saying that some Kindle Fire owners are going to want to know how to get access to content (i.e. videos and apps) outside the United States.

Well… I have both good news and bad news for the Kindle Fire owners wanting content outside of the U.S.  How about the bad news first.

Bad news is that you can’t stream or download content on the Kindle Fire outside of the United States.  Amazon has a block on all non-U.S. IP addresses.  So once you leave the borders of the U.S., that’s it – no more new content until you get back.

The good news is that the Kindle Fire has around 6GB of storage that you can download content locally to your tablet.  According to Amazon, this gives you enough room for approximately 10 movies and 80 apps.

So the obvious thing to do then is to download movies (approx. 10) and apps (appox. 80) that you are going to want access to outside the U.S., and you’ll have all the access you want to that content.  Then, once you get back in the U.S. you can pick up with more downloading and streaming.

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